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Oil Filter - Asakashi - Mazda Familia ZZ

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Height - 100mm
Ø Out - 90mm
Thread - M26x1.5
Material - Metal
O-Ring gasket - 74x86 rnd
Valves - Anti-Drainback Valve
Type - Twin

MAZDA Familia 1.7L - PN - 01.89~08.94

MAZDA Porterocab 1.7L - PN - 10.88~08.94

An engine running on dirty oil won't last. Keep it clean with JS ASAKASHI Oil Filters. It helps to capture harmful contaminants that can harm your engine before they can affect the performance, and life span of your engine. Oil Filter should not just filter engine oil but should do it with high level of efficiency without blocking oil flow and should preserve its quality for sufficient period of time.

Manufactured by JS Asakashi - JAPAN

FRAM - PH5583
GUD - Z253
MAZDA - PN52-14-302
MAZDA - PNY2-14-302